Guild Wars 2 @TwitchCon – Live at the Crow’s Nest

We were live at TwitchCon on September 25-26 2015 and Composer MacLaine Diemer, with his band the Minstrels, gave a live performance of some of the music in Guild Wars 2 and Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns.

3:12 GW2 Main Theme
7:05 Norn Theme
10:10 Charr Theme
16:10 Fear Not This Night
22:50 Halloween Theme
26:30 Bash the Dragon
32:29 Super Adventure Box: World 2 – Sub Hub
35:34 Super Adventure Box: World 1- River Rapids Theme
41:30 Living World Season 2: Arid Sands
44:47 Living World Season 2: Crystal Oasis Redux
55:04 Living World Season 2: The Golden Cave
1:00:15 Heart of Thorns Main Theme

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